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"If you know about Tape Kingz from back in the 90's,
you know they were the fucking super official, official
official when it came to mixtapes coming out during our era

DJ Premier


We are a UK based record label, formerly based in Brooklyn NY with a history going back to the early 90's, as the first mixtape distributor to advertise in The Source magazine. 


The address was Box 357, 328 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn,
NY 11238 and mixtapes were shipped all over the world.
Releasing mixtape classics from DJ Mister Cee, DJ Enuff,
Evil Dee, Tony Touch, Doo Wop, Ron G, Kay Slay, DJ Clue, Green Lantern and DJ Premier as well as live recordings from The Tunnel with Funkmaster Flex. 


From our first vinyl release in 1994 (Finsta and Bundy) to our
last in 1998 (Masta Ace) Tape Kingz had a hand in over 85 vinyl projects, releasing records by G-Dep, Shadez of Brooklyn,
Group Home, Brainsick Enterprize, Paula Perry, Tony Touch, DJ Mister Cee and Doo Wop among many others.  


Now, in 2023 we have returned, and although we won't be
re-releasing any of those old mixtapes, we will be releasing the
kind of music that would have been more than at home on those classic mixtapes that we all love from that era. We have several limited vinyl projects with NEW music that will be available exclusively through , as well as various clothing items and accessories. 

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